Patch repairs pipe relining

patch repairs pipe relining

If you have a faulty or damaged pipe in your home on your business property, you would possibly be questioning about changing it completely. A better option is a drain relining (or no-dig technology) service. We offer a better, cost-friendly solution instead of replacing a pipe with excavation.Our pipe relining service involves moulding a new pipe onto the existing pipe to prevent removal or replacement of the existing pipe. It can be built on the existing structure instead. It effectively repairs any damage in your drainage system that causes problems, making sure it works as it should. You will make sure that a fault in your drains does not cause havoc in your company or home with our drain re-lining service.


We strongly believe that re-lining the tube is a superior alternative to fully removing the pipe. We offer this service as a cheaper alternative to replacing the tube which still provides a great value for money. Because relining pipes do not require excavation, the process can also be relatively simple and quick, ensuring that there is no delay in getting your pipes to function effectively again. We provide drain lining services all across Leinster. A member of our team will be happy to advise you. As well as being the most cost-effective solution, sewer pipe relining is far less disruptive and won’t cause a mess in your home or business while the job is being completed. In addition, it provides your systems with an adjustable sewer pipe that is durable and will never develop any other leakage.

Patch Repair

Drainage patch repairs are a cost effective way to repair isolated defects within a length of sewer / drain. The patch is a short sleeve of glass-fibre reinforced matting impregnated with silicate resin. The repair is attached to a packer that is winded through the pipe and over the defect inflated. The patch is cured in place and bonds to the existing pipe-work restoring the structural stability of the original pipe.


No-Dig” structural repair to an isolated defect within a full length of pipe

Cost effective and non-intrusive

Minimal impact or disruption to public highways.

No Excavation Needed

Fast & Affordable Installation

Restores pipes structural integrity

Prevents Roots & Water ingress at the point of Repair.


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