Rat flaps for drains

Rat flaps for drains

The Rat Flap does what is not achieved through conventional rat-control interventions. It prohibits rats from reaching your office or home and prevents them from becoming a problem.

Rat traps and pesticides are only intended to work after the rats have arrived, after dragging filth, germs and disease into your world. The Rat flap, on the other hand, prevents rats from ever invading your workplace or home life by denying rats on their main thoroughfare: your water pipes and sewer system. If you have rats roaming around the pipe, add one of the theses and give the packaging to them. It will prevent your drain’s smells and rodents from invading your property. We have fully trained engineers to mount these flaps of rats in your drains. Do not hesitate to protect your property and family from today’s threat.

Advantages of fitting a Rat Flap:

  • The Ratflaps are designed to fit all drain outlet types including Clay, Plastic and Ceramic.
  • They allow waste water to flow to the sewers, but in the other direction they stop any rodent traffic from the sewers.
  • They are easy to fit, and it will take a very short time for our technician to finish the work and make your home safe from rats.
  • The valves do not require maintenance, and you can be assured that it will do its job for up to several years after being installed.
  • As the valves are one way, in the usual way they do not stop anything from leaving the tubes. Once the water has left the tube free of charge, the valve automatically opens again. 
  • To stop rats from entering your home through the toilet is a highly affordable way. The unit price itself plus our fitting fee is extremely cost-effective.


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